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I have found the following products to be high quality and a good value. These are the products I personally use and recommend to my family and friends. Links take you to the website of a vendor who sells that product.

When you purchase products using the links on this site, your purchase will help to support Vitamin Relief USA, a charitable foundation that provides daily multi-vitamins to disadvantaged school children, the elderly, and others in need.

Personal and Home Care Products

Healthy (and eco-conscious) alternative to sodas

If you are concerned about the environmental impact of your food choices, (or like to save money) this device makes a lot of sense. It works like an old fashioned soda siphon, using a pressurized CO2 cartridge to carbonate water, but a singler, refillable cartridge carbonates over a hundred liters of water. You can drink it as is or add juice or other flavorings. It's healthier (and cheaper) than soda and much easier on the environment.

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Essential Skin Care

These are, in my opinion, the very best anti-aging skincare products on the market. (I consulted on the formulation of these products so I know how much goes into them.) Multi-function, high-potency products make it simple and affordable to take really good care of your skin. My Daily Renewal Creme always travels in my carry-on, just in case my luggage gets lost! I can’t go even one day without it.

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Direct access to medical testing

The Life Extension Foundation offers consumers direct access to basic medical screening tests, such as blood tests for cholesterol, homocysteine, CRP (C-reactive protein), and hormone panels. Visit their website to learn more about medical testing services.

Association with Life Extension

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Go Anywhere Air Purifier

I fly frequently for business. During the cold and flu season, there are always five or ten people coughing and sneezing on every flight. Thanks to the wretched recirculated air on planes, I used to come down with a cold about five days after every flight. Since buying this little device, though, I have flown cross-country at the height of flu outbreaks, and come home without so much as a sniffle. It seems to be very effective in reducing the transmission of viruses through casual contact. If I were a teacher, nurse, or daycare provider, I'd wear it to work every day!

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Nutritional Supplements

A good calcium for those taking acid-blocking meds

Calcium citrate is the preferred form of calcium for anyone taking antacid or acid-blocking medications. Vitamin D3 increases absorption of calcium and helps build strong bones. This is a cost-effective formulation that provides 600mg of calcium citrate and 400IU of D3 in two capsules.

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The most cost-effective form of calcium

Calcium carbonate is the most cost effective and compact form of calcium (which means swallowing fewer pills). For those without digestive health issues, this is a great way to supplement your dietary intake to meet your daily calcium requirements.

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A multi that covers the basics

Making sure your body gets its basic nutrient needs met, day in and day out, will go a long way toward preserving your health. All vitamins are not the same, however, and the money you save on cheap discount vitamins is really not worth it. Natrol’s one-per-day formulation covers the basics for just a few cents a day, without sacrificing quality. If you are motivated to do more, a more comprehensive formula is described below.

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A multi that covers all the bases

For a high-potency, broad-spectrum, leave-no-stone-unturned formula that covers all your nutritional bases, I recommend Optimum Advantage Formula, manufactured by Health Yourself. This is a top-notch formula that supplies nutrients in optimal formats that are well absorbed and assimilated, but at a very reasonable price. Because they stuff so much into this formula, the daily dose is six capsules a day. If the six capsules a day is too much for you, consider the basic formula described above.

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For healthy heart, joints, and brain

Fish oil capsules provide those healthy omega-3 fatty acids that reduce inflammation, joint pain, and keep your heart and brain healthy. Unless you eat fish every day, it is a good idea to supplement your diet with fish oil. Mercury contamination is not a concern with supplements as it is filtered out in the purification process. If fish oil capsules make you burp, try taking them with meals.

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Herbal support for reducing inflammation

In The Inflammation Free Diet Plan, I discuss several herbs (such as ginger and turmeric) that help reduce inflammation in the body. Several readers have written to ask if there is a good all-around formula that they can take instead of hunting down all the individual herbs separately. Zyflamend is the best thing I've found in that category. (For more information about The Inflammation Free Diet Plan, visit

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